Since our objective is to shape up the lives of destitute children, our activities include right from primary education to marriage of these children. We perform as many activities as any parents would for their children, as we are the guardians of our students. Besides clothing, food, healthcare and education, we undertake activities which are vital for overall growth of children like sports, culture and spiritualism. We have arranged weddings of a number of girls. Those students who are not covered by our residential programme receive regular periodical aid while living in their own homes.

Statement of Social Activities undertaken by Trust in last 3 years

1.Running orphanage home for Girls (providing them shelter, food lodging, boarding, treatment)

2.Education to Under privileged, Orphan Girls from Rural areas
• 2016-2017- 96 students
• 2015-2016- 100 students
• 2014-2015- 104 students

3.Trust is giving Moral Lectures on-
• Stress, Depression and Mental Health
• Career Guidance
• Personality Development classes
• Communication skill classes
• Counselling
• Trust is creating awareness on “DRUG ADDICTION”

4.Medical help to poor, under privileged Girls, Widow Women and old ladies
• Trust is providing nursing and Medical care to nearby community
• Trust has organized Medical camps
• Trust is providing treatment to AIDS/ Cancer patients
• Trust conducts awareness campaign on knowledge about personal hygiene for Girls and other Adolescent problems
• Trust is providing Medical Aid (crutches) to Divyangs (Handicapped)

5.Cultural Activities by Trust
Providing classes to nearby community-
• Music classes
• Martial arts classes (Gatka)
• Divinity classes (Path)
• Arts classes
• Dance classes

6.Promoting physical health

Trust has organized yoga camps
Trust has organized sports meet for poor/ orphan/ under privileged children

7.Recreational activities by trust
• Organized trips to amusement parks
• Arranged trips to heritage sites
• Organized trips to hill stations
• Best out of waste, decoration competition

8.Trust has organized marriages of 11 under privileged, orphan girls in last 3 years

9.Environment education
• Quizzes, exhibition competition on Swachh Bharat
• Cleaning of community parks

10.Miscellaneous Activities by trust
• Giving special care to specially abled blind girl
• Trust is distributing clothes, blankets to slum dwellers and other poor

All Donations to the Trust are exempted from income tax under Section 80G(5) of Income Tax Act.

Register in 1997, the trust comprises five permanent Members, besides two temporary ones. Main sources of donations to the trust are local sangat, local gurdwara committees, social organisations, NIRs, SGPC and Gur Asra Foundation, Canada. The Trust also accepts donations in kind.