Aims and objectives

Gur Aasra Trust has set itself the exacting task of providing care and nourishment to those children who, spurned by their near and dear ones, could not find any succour in the society. Ours is not merely a refuge, it’s a sanctuary where the helpless train to help themselves. That’s why education is a major component of our rehabilitation programme. Quality and timely education prepares the children in such a way that when they grow up, they need not look askance at anyone. Therefore our byword is not so much shelter as empowerment. Our objective is not confined to care and sympathy, it encompasses a responsibility to shape up young lives. Our programme goes beyond a communitarian need by taking on social challenges. In the course of preparing children for the life ahead, we also collaterally build up base for a more humane and tolerant society by inculcating in our students the values they would have otherwise found hard to come by. Sarbat da bhala (good of all) is our prime objective that propells us towards excellence in whatever we undertake to do.
  1. To render financial help to the needy childrens, orphans, widows and old persns who may be in dire need of such help.
  2. To provide proper educational facilities to children be it, in school, college or university, so that they can live independent lives as responsible and constructive citizen of society.
  3. To help needy persons affected by natural calamity such as floods, famine, war, riots etc.
  4. To provide medical aid to the ill who are in need of medical help so as to save valueable human lives and to aware the people about irremediable diseases such AIDS.
  5. To organise Gurbani Kirtan Samagams for the spiritual uplift of the masses and conduct every type of religious, social & charitable activities.
All Donations to the Trust are exempted from income tax under Section 80G(5) of Income Tax Act.

Register in 1997, the trust comprises five permanent Members, besides two temporary ones. Main sources of donations to the trust are local sangat, local gurdwara committees, social organisations, NIRs, SGPC and Gur Asra Foundation, Canada. The Trust also accepts donations in kind.