Imagine a life. Shrink it to ten years, remove the father, cross out the relatives, take away the school, leave no trace of toys, make food and clothes scare, and paint the background with lurid colours of anger, fear and hopelessness.

What you have just imagines actually Exists.

When we found that life, in its most diagreeable forms, continues to weight down the young souls, we decided to throw it a challenge and redeem from it a child’s pleasures. With the kind and generous help of innumerable donors and patrons, Gur Aasra Trust intervenes between innocent children and their inhospitable lives.

Our Aim

Our aim is not merely to provide help to all these children, but also inculcate in them a spirit of self-enterprise. We help them care and facilities so that when they grow up they are self-dependant and do not need anyone’s help. The care of Children by the trust includes strong components of spiritual and religious training and sports. In both the fields, the children have brought laurels for the trust.

By the dint of conviction, commitment and hard work, Gur Aasra Trust has earned a name of Charitable work. Appreciative of Trust’s endeavours, a number of Prominent educational institutions in chandigarh and Mohali have come forward to provide sponsorships for many Children.